advocacy for specialised refuges and housing for women

Welcome to the Homeworks Trust website.

We are a group of women who advocate for specialised refuges and housing for women who are
 marginalised and excluded from existing/current service provision in New Zealand.

Issues faced by these women include domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, disability, and homelessness. Other women we advocate for include sex workers and women who have become homeless after leaving prison.

Why are we focusing on women?

Situations that are mixed gender are frequently developed around the needs of men. There are very few services and housing strategies that are gender specific.

Many of women’s needs are overlooked if a service is not gender specific. Women require housing that provides safety, security and healing from abuse, as well as environments that develop constructive bonding with children and that enable good parenting.

Disabled women are at particular risk of domestic, sexual, financial and emotional abuse, yet have very few options for information, help and support.

We carry out and support research that highlights housing, accommodation and related needs of women and we lobby for policy which enhances the provision of services and housing for women.

On this site you will find:

1. Research documents about:

  • domestic violence and mental illness
  • domestic violence and disability
  • domestic violence and homelessness
  • the hidden homelessness of women

2. Powerpoint presentations to teach others about:

  • domestic violence and mental illness
  • hidden homelessness

3. Conference presentations about our work and research

4. Submissions to government

5. Media relevant to the purpose of Homeworks Trust

6. Teaching resource: He Drove Me Mad Teaching Resource